Welcome! Our association it’s a cultural one whose purpose is to promote, spread and develop musical culture especially among young people

Here are some of our most recent initiatives

Who we are

Lucrezia’s One Voice Association was founded in 2012 as a non-profit cultural association and is inspired by the principles of volunteering. The priority intent is to promote, spread and develop musical culture especially among young people.

How is the Association born?
It was founded by the will of Lucrezia Balatri, a very active singer and director of Gospel choirs. From the moment of her death, a great silence remained in the lives of her family and all those people who had known her more closely. After an initial uncertainty , the objective of the Association has become clear: to eliminate this silence, bringing back the music that Lucrezia had always spread with generosity and enthusiasm.

What are the main activities?
All the organized activities reflect the musical passion of its founder. Passion that ranged in every direction, but above all focused on two elements: Gospel music, lived beyond the simple vocal and musical technique, and children teaching. Here are some of the main activities: teaching young talents through scholarships, offering them a stage, communicating the spirit of the Gospel through workshops.

To achieve these goals, in addition to the generous offers of private individuals and the contribution of all the members, the Association is inextricably linked to the One Voice Gospel Choir founded by Lucrezia herself and which best represents the spirit of the Association through numerous concerts and participation in religious services.
Fundraising initiatives are also implemented that allow the Association’s activities to be financed through free offers. These convivial moments are a reward for the effort to organize them.

The plans for the future are great, because Lucrezia’s projects were great!

Watch the presentation video of the Association: 


Connie Balatri
honorary president

Maria Cristina Cartei
Donatella Biagi
vice president
Irene Bellesi
general secretary
Monica Terzani
Maria Grazia Biagi
Edy Bolognesi
Brunella Raddi
Melania Scacciati Nunzia Ruggiero
Teresa Cortigiani
Francesca Collini