Lucrezia Balatri competition

The Lucrezia Balatri singing contest sees soloists and vocal ensembles challenge each other on the classical and modern repertoire. This project, established in 2016, was born to remember Lucrezia concretely realizing what was one of her dreams: to give young singers the opportunity to express themselves, to make themselves known and to measure themselves with themselves and with others.

The 4th edition It was held on May 19, 2019, under the patronage of the Municipality of Florence and in collaboration with the music conservatory “Luigi Cherubini” of Florence and with the music school Athenaeum Musicale.

How is the competition conducted?
The singers are divided into categories based on the type of performer, repertoire and age. Two committees formed by experts, qualified musicians and singers evaluate the participants of the classical and modern repertoire. For the fourth edition we have introduced some novelties in the regulation both with respect to the participating categories, and on the number of pieces to be performed and also on the maximum age of participation: 35 years. In addition, we have provided cash prizes for the winners of the 1st prize, as well as cups and participation certificates.

Photo gallery
Final ranking of the  modern repertoire

This year, for reasons beyond the control of the association, it was not possible to carry out the classical repertoire